“A Candle Loses Nothing When Lighting Another Candle”

In reading “A Distant Witness,” I became much more interested, not to mention informed, on the topic of the Arab Spring. Before reading Andy Carvin’s book, I was pretty uneducated on the Arab Spring and all the individual revolutions, but after completing the book I definitely feel a larger connection and understanding of the events that went on, not to mention intrigued and interested to follow up on what has changed since Carvin’s book came out.

Something that especially stood out to me about the book as a whole was how citizen journalism has so many advantages and opportunities that I was previously unaware, or even skeptical about initially. Before I saw how these theoretical practices actually played out, I had many doubts about the nature of citizen journalism. In the “Libya” section, however, one of the tweets conveyed such an element of reality that made me feel like I was in the moment there. The repetition of his noting the bombings– “that’s another one. That’s another one. That’s another one. That’s another one,” (98) brings out the genuine terror in the situation.

Another thing that I found particularly interesting was in the Libya section as well. When the question came up about the type of weaponry used in a photograph, and whether or not it was an Israeli-created device, everyone on Twitter working together came up with research and answers, and were able to verify and come to a conclusion. Not only did they come to an answer, but they educated themselves as well as thousands of followers on a particular issue. This, in my opinion, was an interesting role of advancing technology that is often overlooked.


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