Data Journalism and the Future

Data journalism is another example of how technology and journalism are evolving in a way that interconnects them. Data journalism allows for journalists, or users in general, to use software to easily find connections between hundreds of thousands of documents. Data can be a source of data journalism, or it can be used to tell a story…in this sense it seems to be somewhat like coding.

The article mentioned how data journalism, like any source, should not automatically be trusted, however the objective data aspect of this source seems like it should be more viable in that sense. Data journalism can benefit events such as political debates, and it is relevant to discuss data journalism this reading because Storify reminded me of the concept of data journalism.

Data journalism can benefit freelance writers because the efficiency will be able to save them time, money, and will allow for them to operate their own business and keep up with the larger news sources and companies. Multiple journalists, when describing data journalism, have called it “the future,” “a way to save time,” and “a way to tell richer stories.”

This article brings up how news stories are constantly being created, distributed, and put out online, and sometimes unregulated. A prime example of how this can be mistake is negative is when the Washington Post recently published the news story on Joe Biden running for candidacy and misinformed the public, leading to Biden’s forced public announcement to deny claims that he would be running for president in 2016.


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