Mizzou and Concerned Student 1950

2 Articles Covering the University of Missouri (Mizzou) recent events:



The first article has a video of President Obama addressing the incidents at Mizzou, and also has a written component that has everything that he said in the video. Obama praises the students actively participating in the protests, and he adds that active citizenry is what he wants throughout our country. He also mentions how he tells his daughters to speak up if something around them is wrong or unjust. Obama says that there is a problem at UM, not just between the students, but with the faculty. This is an important issue to address, because there was controversy over the President of the university, and many students wanted him to resign. The football coach, who initially tweeted a picture of the team and said that he stood in solidarity with the students, also recently resigned. He claims to be resigning because of personal health issues but it may be important to consider his real motivations.

The second article describes the meaning behind “Concerned Student 1950,” the popular tag on social media used to support the student protest cause, which comes from 1950, the first year that Mizzou accepted a black student. This article utilizes a few different types of media. It displays pictures, and has tweets embedded to show student protests and events as they happened first-hand. The article also directs the reader to embedded links within the text, which is helpful in describing an event like this because the happenings at Mizzou have many different parts within them. The events occurring at Mizzou are part of a continuous timeline that continues to progress.


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